Our products not only look real, but are soft to the touch.

Each blade is perfectly cut, then rolled continuously and stretched to strengthen each synthetic thread, each fiber is as thin and elegant as the natural grass. After the films are treated with advanced technology resistant to UV rays, we undergo a process of rigorous quality and respectful of the environment. This lawn quality can withstand thousands of pounds of resistance per square inch, the industry’s strongest quality.


Do not spend more time mowing, weeding, raking, and watering your lawn Ecoturf Synthetic Lawn is the best solution to reducing that mountain of yard work. Getting the lawn of your dreams is often a sacrifice in both time and money. Think about the many hours you have spent fertilizing, watering, weeding and mowing every inch of lawn. Depending on the size of your lawn, consistent watering to maintain a healthy and thick green can be responsible for between 50% and 70% of your monthly water bill.

Mowing your lawn may not seem like a big expense, but the purchase of a lawn mower, fuel, oil, and proper maintenance all add up. If you have a large property a professional landscaping service might be necessary, which can be an even larger monthly cost. These and other expenses can create large monthly costs that could be easily reduced by installing artificial grass in place of your existing grass. Artificial grass requires very little maintenance and ongoing costs and lasts for up to 25 years under regular use.

Sport Truf

In the world of indoor sports, it is important to have a quality manufacturer that can deliver products that will perform in this unique environment. Our indoor product provides a high quality, high performance with a quick install and no mess solution for owners and athletes alike. If you are looking for a turnkey indoor solution that will deliver high quality results, look no further than Ecoturf indoor.


  • Provides a consistent artificial turf surface for superior all-around multi-use athletic field performance.
  • Minimizes abrasions, neural and joint injuries on multi-use athletic fields.
  • Contributes to less time lost to injury compared to natural grass.
  • Increases potential revenue generation for multi-use athletic fields.


With EcoMulch rubber mulch you can say goodbye to cumbersome and expensive annual mulching applications—and to those messy red chips strewn all around the lawn and walkways! Our revolutionary new EcoMulch rubber mulch is an environmentally-friendly, insect-resistant, pest-resistant, fungus-resistant, and mold-resistant alternative to traditional wood chips and bark shavings.


Artificial ivy can improve the overall aesthetics of any home or building.  Residential homes can transform areas that are in need of help into design spaces that create a modern feeling.  Commercial developments use it on the outside of buildings to create a current and minimalistic look. You may also find it poolside in favorite hotel on the cabanas, walls, and tables to to enhance the contemporary guest experience.

Artificial ivy dresses up any environment with lush, weather-resistant, uv-resistant, and flame-retardant artificial foliage. Perfect for creating a vertical accent—or going all the way—on walls, gates, and fences. It can be installed as ground cover or on flat/sloped surfaces too.


If you live in an apartment or condominium you may have limited or a non-functional outdoor space. To enjoy the outdoors and entertain guests it maybe as easy as adding artificial turf to your balcony to achieve the enhancement of the area and create the look and feel of having a yard without the hassle of lawn maintenance.

Adding artificial turf to your balcony is that you can cut down on the heat that concrete gives off while making your home feel lush. Let your imagination be your guide. You can create almost any type of area you want and decorate it in a variety of ways. You can turn your balcony into a small garden getaway, just by using artificial turf and a few hanging plants. The opportunities are only limited by the boundaries of your imagination.


It wasn’t long ago when deciding on a driveway material was easy: asphalt or concrete. Today, the “concrete” choice has expanded to include an astounding array of decorative options. Sometimes referred to as a cement driveway or as painted concrete, decorative concrete is one of the most reasonable ways to spruce up the entrance to your home.

Although plain gray concrete is still installed most often, more people are catching on to the dazzling effects possible with decorative concrete-and seeing the instant curb appeal a decorative driveway can give to any home, no matter what the style. If you already have a concrete driveway, you can still give it a decorative makeover. The concrete industry has introduced many products and methods that can rejuvenate or resurface existing plain-gray driveways.


Ecoturf Synthetic Grass services all sizes of projects, small or large, to provide you with the best quality solutions. Upgrading yard grass with synthetic turf offers many benefits including water savings, landscape services, problem shade growth areas and waterfront properties sensitive to the salt water environment.

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